Join The Photoshop PsMystery 2015 Game

Following up on last year’s murder mystery, the Photoshop #PsMystery game is back, this time taking you to outer space in the year 2398. The IXS FarStar has been cleared for re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere on Oct. 31. But at 16:47 Zulu Time today, Commander Nova Ryder informed us that Pilot Maladie Harbinger has been compromised by an unknown illness. In this year’s #PsMystery, we need you to collect the clues to diagnose the ailment and cure the patient. Gather your scientific evidence and post a screenshot to our Facebook page to return the IXS FarStar and its crew safely to Earth. Here are all the details.

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  1. Shawn Avatar

    photoshop is a mystery alright. its a mystery why they don’t listen to their customers like not making save for web a legacy feature.this product is out of touch with its user base much like dreamweaver and many other adobe products these days.

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