Adobe Firefly Text Effects in the Classroom

I’ve been experimenting with meaningful ways to use Generative AI in the classroom. Here’s one recent project that would be a really fun one for introductions during back-to-school (which is mere months away, sorry!).

I had the opportunity to visit 4th and 5th graders in TX and NY, and gave the children the opportunity to play with the new Adobe Firefly Beta. Specifically, I introduced then to Text Effects which lets you generate text formatted with whatever prompts you define. I asked each child to type their name and then tell me something they’d want the world to know about them. One young man formatted his name using golf clubs and balls, a young lady formatted her names with sloths, others used pizza, cars, skateboards … It was wonderful to see their excitement playing with Generative AI in a very personal way.

Oh, to kick things off, I generated this image for my own name:

You can try the Adobe Firefly Beta for yourself at

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