Now Available, “Captain Code”

Becoming a coder is all fun and games!

We believe everyone should learn to code, whether they intend to pursue careers in coding or not. We believe this just like we believe that everyone should draw and sketch, and everyone should play an instrument, and everyone should cook, and everyone should take pictures and shoot videos, and more. All of these are creative endeavors, which means that they are ways to actually create stuff, and creating stuff is incredibly rewarding and satisfying. Sure, it’s fun to spend hours on your phone looking at what other people have created; but that’s nothing compared to the joy and satisfaction of creating stuff that other people consume and use.

Great, so you should learn coding. But where to start? In our experience, too many books, videos, and lessons overly focus on the mechanics of coding – things like syntax and exact details of how to use specific language elements. They get caught up in the minute details of specific projects. It all feels a whole lot like being talked to, as opposed to being encouraged to tinker and play. And that’s boring. As in really enthusiasm-draining, soul-crushingly, yawn-inducingly boring. It’s kinda like spending hours and hours learning dictionary words and grammar and then getting to use those by copying someone else’s writing, and not being given the chance to find your own words and voice. That’s crazy, right? And yet that’s how most people are first introduced to coding.

We’ve been teaching coding for many years. In fact, we’ve helped over a million people become coders, including lots of young people. And we know how to help you develop these skills – we do it the same way we taught ourselves to code. It’s fast, fun, results oriented, and it works.

And that’s why we wrote this book for young people (aged 10-18 or so) and for anyone young-at-heart. You’ll learn by creating and playing games, starting small, and rapidly becoming quite sophisticated.

Using these games, we’ll help you learn how to code, but that’s not enough. We’re also going to help you learn how to think like a coder, analyze problems like a coder, plan like a coder, progressively iterate like a coder, craft elegant solutions like a coder, even talk like a coder … In fact, when we’re done, you’ll have discovered your coding superpower and will have morphed you into <drumroll> a coder!

Captain Code: Unleash Your Coding Superpower with Python is available now.

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