Announcing the Adobe XD Plugin Accelerator

Design tooling is in the midst of a remarkable transition. Apps like Adobe XD are putting more power in the hands of designers than ever before, of course, but it’s also true that tooling itself has become a robust dialogue between makers and users. This means that developers have to be more attuned than ever to the needs of professional designers. But it also means that oftentimes those same designers are putting on a developer’s hat and building remarkable innovation in the form of plugins and integrations on our extensibility platform.

It’s this participatory dynamic that we want to supercharge here at Adobe. That’s why we’re so excited to announce the Adobe Fund for Design Plugin Accelerator. This is an intensive, ninety-day program that provides funding and resources to individuals with unique visions for the future of creativity, who want to make a mark on the design ecosystem by bringing their ambitious ideas to life. What’s more, participants will work with mentors and will meet regularly with Adobe designers, developers, and product managers to create something incredible.

Lots more details in this post. For more information on the program visit the official site for the Adobe Fund for Design Plugin Accelerator. We’re officially accepting applications, so don’t delay and apply now.

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