Sign-up For Adobe Fresco

As per Scott Belsky in his post today:

Drawing is fundamental to developing creative literacy. It is most people’s first connection to creativity, and every great painting, sculpture, film, or building began with a drawing. And today, more than ever, it’s essential for everyone to develop creative literacy. As artificial intelligence takes over more and more repetitive and mundane tasks, creativity is the unique human quality that sets each of us apart and helps us succeed. Connecting brain and hand through drawing unlocks creative magic. To forge that connection, a digital generation needs a digital tool, which is why we’re developing a powerful and sophisticated drawing and painting application. We gave a sneak peek of that application last fall under the codename Project Gemini. Now, as we’re approaching final release of the app later this year, we’ve named it: Adobe Fresco. Understanding how we arrived at that name will help you understand a lot about the app itself.

Head over to the Fresco page to sign-up for the pre-release.

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