Adobe Spark Classroom Accounts

We are excited to introduce a new offering within Adobe Spark for Education – classroom accounts that are now available in a limited release for eligible K–12 teachers and students in the U.S.

Adobe Spark is an ideal app for teaching and learning, because it provides tools that make it easy to turn words and images into beautiful graphics, web pages, and short videos. When students create infographics for social studies classes, web-based lab reports for science classes, or video essays for language arts classes, they engage more deeply with their learning, build their storytelling skills, and develop critical soft skills like creative problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration that will serve them well in the future.

Since 2018, we’ve offered Adobe Spark for Education school and district accounts that administrators can set up on behalf of students and teachers. Now, eligible teachers can set up classroom accounts for themselves and their students while enjoying the same Adobe Spark access and privacy protections available in school and district accounts.

Details of this new (and evolving) offering have been posted online.

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