Adobe Spark Project Sharing

The #1 Adobe Spark feature request is project sharing. Be it students working in groups, sharing with their teacher, or educators collaborating on lesson plans, there are endless reasons to share and collaborate. And now that is doable in Adobe Spark (web version for now, mobile coming soon).

A few notes:

  • As noted, this is supported by the web version of Adobe Spark (including on Chromebooks) for now, we’re still working on the mobile apps.
  • This is locked co-editing, which means that you can have multiple contributors but only one can edit at a time – once one leaves (or times out) others can get in. This is to prevent conflicting edits of the same content. We’ll add real-time synchronous co-editing in the future.
  • Invite to participate is via email.The recipient will receive an email (or an in-app notification if Spark) inviting them to edit the document. You can invite as many people as you’d like to edit your project. If the invitee has a Spark account they are all set, otherwise they’ll be prompted to create one.
  • Within Spark there are tabs for YOUR PROJECTS and projects SHARED WITH YOU making it easy to see what you’ve been invited to.

More details in this blog post.

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