Content-Aware Layout in XD

Big news in XD land! Adobe XD now has a new way to quickly create layouts, thanks to the new Content-Aware Layout feature. Content-Aware Layout puts smart layout controls at your fingertips to help you design and edit UI elements without any of the tedious or manual work that may have slowed you down in the past.

Content-Aware Layout understands the relationships between objects on your canvas and automatically makes layout adjustments as soon as your designs change. Now, when you group objects together, you’ll see new layout controls in the Property Inspector that let you define and change these relationships. In its initial release, Content-Aware Layout automatically detects the background and lets you control the padding of a group. As soon as design elements inside the group change, XD will preserve the padding values and adjust the background. In order to keep you in the creative flow, all the controls in the PI are available directly on canvas too, accessible by holding the tilde (~) key and hovering your cursor over the group.

More details in this blog post.

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