Edge Code Is Now Brackets

Brackets is an open source lightweight code editor, a project we started because we saw the need and the community (who download each new release over 100,000 times) agreed. Edge Code is built on top of Brackets and was added to the Creative Cloud to make it easier to obtain and use. With the recent 1.0 release of Brackets, Product Manager Ryan Stewart has announced that going forward we’ll be focusing on Brackets, and will notify customers to get Brackets for future updates.

2 responses to “Edge Code Is Now Brackets”

  1. J. Goy Avatar
    J. Goy

    Oh god.
    Is there still hope for the near-to-death patient? (DW)

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Dreamweaver has been updated quite a bit this year and last, see
    — Ben

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