Visual RegEx With Textpression

This one is a work in progress, but it looks promising. Textpression is a Windows app that lets you visually and interactivley build regular expressions. Textpression is free while it is being developed (which I assume means that eventually it’ll be a commercial offering).

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  1. David Howes (Textpression) Avatar
    David Howes (Textpression)

    Textpression will be a commercial product. However, I intend to offer a lite version as well at some point for free. The exact limitations of the lite version are TBC.

  2. John Allen Avatar
    John Allen


  3. David Howes Avatar
    David Howes

    I’ve made quite a few changes and improvements to Textpression recently.
    To clarify the pricing issue. The standard version of Textpression is free and always will be. The paid version will offer priority support.

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