New SQL Book Now In Color

My little Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes is my best-selling title, it has sold over 1/4 million copies in English, has been translated into more than a dozen languages, has created spin-off titles focused on specific DBMSs, and has even become a textbook in numerous colleges and universities worldwide. And at just over 200 pages, it was surprisingly one of the most difficult books to write, too. As such, I’ve been very reluctant to tamper with this title, sometimes you just want to leave a good thing alone.
It took significant prodding from my publisher, but I have indeed updated this book. For starters, we needed to update content to cover newer versions of popular databases like SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle. I also wanted to add specific coverage for important new options, most notably SQLite.
But, the most important enhancement, and this is what clinched the update for me, is that this new edition is printed in color (as proudly noted on the cover image). Colored titles and headers are pretty cool, but where you really see the value is in long SQL statements that are so much more readable when color-coded.
I’m really excited about this update, and want to publicly thank the folks at Pearson for the push and support.
More to follow!

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