Free Books For Schools And Educational Institutions Round 3

Each time I release a new book my publisher sends copies for my own use. And when books get translated they (usually) send me copies of those, too. I generally keep one of each for myself, and then give copies to coauthors, community members, and others. But sometimes copies sit in boxes in my office, ignored and stacking up until, well, a day like today. I spent today reorganizing my office, and sure enough, I have stacks of my ColdFusion books, SQL books, and more.
The last two times they stacked up like this I offered to give them to teachers and students and school libraries, making them available to those who might otherwise not have access to copies, individuals who (hopefully) could benefit from them. All in all I gave away over 400 books, and I hope the recipients found them useful.
So now it’s time for round 3. If you work for (or attend) a school or college or educational institution, and can use copies of my books on ColdFusion, SQL, SQL Server, MySQL, Maria DB, Regular Expressions, and more, please e-mail me. Oh, and this time, in addition to English language books, I also have books in Chinese Mandarin, Polish, Swedish, Romanian, French, Russian, Korean, and Italian.
Please note that I can’t promise to honor requests for specific books. Also note that some of these books are on older versions of products (but not so old as to be not useful). And finally, it’s first come first served.
Oh, and please share this post with others who you think may be interested, thanks!

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