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  1. I’m impressed you use it enough to even need the "hard reset". I’ve had mine since launch and have not touched it in months.

  2. Yo Ryan you must be a busy guy or something, or maybe you just forgot where you put it coz i love my playbook and use it all the time.

  3. I think the playbook’s hardware is sturdy and well designed but RIM just didn’t put the effort into the software side of things to make it very useful for my needs. Plus the device’s app store is has almost no useful major apps. For example no Skype, or major IM clients. Don’t get me started on the lack of an email client either. Once the novelty of having a new device to play with wore off, I found myself time after time reaching for my iPad over the Playbook.
    RIM was trying to playing the "Me too" game with this version of Playbook and sadly that strategy didn’t work out for them this time. In fact everyone but Apple has been guilty of the same strategy. Companies like RIM need to realize there is no tablet market but rather an iPad market. Just like there was no sizeable MP3 player market but there was an enormous iPod market. HP figured this out and will be better off for it in long run.

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