AIR 2.7 Available

The AIR team has just announced the availability of AIR 2.7. Improvements include AIR apps for iOS rendering up to 4x faster in CPU mode, app installation on SD cards for Android devices, acoustic echo cancellation, and more.

3 responses to “AIR 2.7 Available”

  1. Tom Van den Eynde Avatar
    Tom Van den Eynde

    It’s maybe good to mention the fact that AIR isn’t supported anymore on Linux as from AIR 2.7 on…
    I wonder whether we’ll be able to continue to use Linux server for our automatic build process of Flex and AIR applications…??

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Tom, you are correct. Out of interest, did you actually use the Linux client? In general it accounted for about 0.5% of downloads. See this post
    — Ben

  3. Tom Van den Eynde Avatar
    Tom Van den Eynde

    Hi Ben,
    I don’t use the client but I can imagine that this kind of decisions can have a big impact on specific customers (building kiosk applications, …). They could loose their business case over night without a big company like Adobe realizing it.
    I still wonder whether we’ll be able to use Linux for our Maven driven automated build process (we have Flex and AIR applications)?

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