ColdFusion Builder Enhancements Video Posted

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  1. Andrew Pritchard Avatar
    Andrew Pritchard

    I wish there were a way to program the mouse. I once used an editor named Multi_Edit. By clicking the right mouse button
    you put the mouse into different modes. In the block mode, you could highlight blocks of data and then cut, paste or whatever you
    wanted to do with the data. At least once a day, I was I still had that capability.

  2. Andrew Scott Avatar
    Andrew Scott

    link is broken

  3. Dave Werden Avatar
    Dave Werden

    Ben, I’m getting a missing page error from the link in the post. And if I go to that blog’s home page I don’t see the article there, either. Sounds good, though!

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Post had disappeared, odd. I’ll ping Anand.

  5. Don Blaire Avatar
    Don Blaire

    I cannot find the CFBuilder enhancements video.

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