Building RIM PlayBook Apps In Flash Professional

You use Flash Builder to build apps for the upcoming RIM PlayBook. All you need is Flash Builder “Burrito” and the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK (and the simulator, until you can get your hands on an actual PlayBook).
But what if you use Flash Professional instead of Flash Builder? Well, there is no Flash Pro extension for the PlayBook yet, but, don’t let that stop you. Here’s what you need:

  • You’ll need Flash Professional CS5.
  • Then download and install the Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Extension for AIR 2.5 from Adobe Labs.
  • Next, grab the PlayBook SDK.
  • Now for the fun part. PlayBook apps are .bar files, and you can use the PlayBook SDK to convert .air files to .bar files. So, create an AIR application, use the PlayBook SDK to convert it to a .bar, and you should be set.
  • But what if you want to use PlayBook specific functionality in your Flash app? You can do that too. Include the RIM SDK provided SWC files in the library path, and you’ll have access to PlayBook functionality and even code hinting.

So, no excuses, go build a PlayBook app (and then take RIM up on their offer and try to win a free PlayBook).
Fellow Adobe evangelist Paul Trani has posted a video showing how to use Flash Pro to build apps for the PlayBook.

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    I would like to see a good number of apps ready for Playbook
    before its launched. This apps list forms a main deciding
    factor in Playbooks success or failure.

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