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  1. The iPad is awesome, let it go. Browsed, typed and posted on my iPad. There is a lot more that the video didn’t cover, buying one based off that is silly.

  2. I don’t particularly want an iPad. But comparing an upcoming product, to one that’s been in the wild for a few months is a bit… cheeky. Apple will* release a successor to the iPad next year, that will probably come out within a couple of months of the PlayBook. For Apples-Apples you will have to compare those devices.

  3. Giveitup, I don’t recall ever saying that the iPad was not awesome. In fact, I don’t recall ever having said anything bad about iPhone or iPad or iPod, for that matter. While I have real issues with Apple policies and rules, I am more than willing to admit that Apple creates amazing products and truly gets consumer experiences. Having said all that, I own lots of devices, and I do want a Blackberry Playbook.

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