TSA = Tactics Simply Asinine

It’s been a while since I posted examples of TSA rules, policies, and behaviors. But, I just have to share this one:
The primary security entrance at DTW McNamara Terminal was closed the past couple of weeks while they installed a new millimeter wave scanner (whole body imaging device). Better security, yeah! Or not!
I went through the newly opened security lanes this morning. There is a single millimeter wave scanner sitting to the right of two typical metal detectors. And some passengers are being routed to the new scanner while others are being routed to the metal detectors. Random, right? Well …
The thing is that there are two entrances to the security area, the left for most of the flying public, and the right for frequent flyers and elite members. In other words, the new scanner is in front of the frequent flyer line.
I stood and watched for a little while, just to see who was getting routed where and how random the routing really is. And sure enough, the majority of passengers directed to the new improved scanning are the ones entering security right in front of the machine. Which passengers? Elite members and frequent flyers, the passengers that the airlines and TSA know best (many of whom have been pre-screened, too)!
Wow, I feel so much safer!

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  1. James Avatar

    Completely ridiculous! Security Theater (
    Just make sure to opt-out while we still can.

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