Forrester: HTML5 Not Viable For RIAs Yet

Forrester’s Rich Gans chatted with UI designers and developers at Cynergy Systems, EffectiveUI, Roundarch, and Yahoo! about the user experience pros and cons of HTML5 and building complex online functionality.
Forrester has published a complete report on the subject, as well as a brief blog post by Ronald Rogowski that concludes:
The net of this is that, for now, HTML5 is not a viable platform for delivering the next generation RIAs that will power the future of online customer experience. Forrester recommends using HTML5 as a way to enhance text-based content experiences while looking to more established technologies like Flash and Silverlight to build highly functional applications.

7 responses to “Forrester: HTML5 Not Viable For RIAs Yet”

  1. Mete Atamel Avatar
    Mete Atamel

    Is the report available online for free? It looks like it’s available to paid Forrester users only?

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Nope, the report is not free, which is why I linked to the blog summary.

  3. David Avatar

    According to the W3C:
    “It is estimated by the editor that HTML5 will reach the W3C Candidate Recommendation stage during 2012. That doesn’t mean you can’t start using it yet, though.”
    Two years before the *candidate* phase. In internet time frames, that’s light years away.
    And that’s not some FUD being spread by Adobe or MicroSoft in order to protect their "turf", that’s from the actual working group responsible creating HTML 5.

  4. Aaron Neff Avatar
    Aaron Neff

    And looks like they can’t even reach "Last Call" milestone until all bugs are fixed.
    Hmm.. =P
    P.S. Good news regarding the report.

  5. Aaron Neff Avatar
    Aaron Neff

    "The only things its good for currently is embedding videos so you can view them on the iPad."
    lol, good one 🙂

  6. Lee Graham Avatar
    Lee Graham

    Damn straight! All of these mindless reporters drinking the HTML5 Kool-Aid without knowing its going to take a few more years before HTML can compete with Flex or Silverlight. The only things its good for currently is embedding videos so you can view them on the iPad.

  7. Tom Van den Eynde Avatar
    Tom Van den Eynde

    I couldn’t agree more. However, I strongly get the impression that Flex will continue to lead on visualizing data for the time being but that Silverlight is about to take the lead when we’re talking about line of business applications where data entry is key…

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