Tell Us What You Think About ColdFusion Builder

ColdFusion Builder has been out for a few weeks now, and lots of initial comments and thoughts are in. Some think it should have been given away for free, others think the price is more than fair. Some think it’s missing key features, others think it’s already making them more productive. And on and on and on.
One thing that we can all agree on is that ColdFusion Builder is a v1.0 product with lots of potential, which is why the team is already working on the next version. And to help drive that version, they’d like your feedback via an online survey.

6 responses to “Tell Us What You Think About ColdFusion Builder”

  1. dave Avatar

    Personally I bought flex builder to use as a cf dev tool and tried the cfbuilder beta but I always end up back with coda and aptana. I might be interested in buying cfbuilder if I got some kind of upgrade pricing from flex builder (I don’t care about flash builder really) to cfbuilder and if cfbuilder had an rds like connector for railo or obd. I understand supporting them isn’t a great request but the reality is you would sell more copies and it is "coldfusion builder" not "adobe coldfusion only builder" ;)~
    I am glad there is a dedicated ide now 🙂 It’s just all the features I would use it for only work on acf and after all my licensing issues with adobe and the absolutely awful customer service I got (or lack of) I went with railo instead of upgrading to cf9.
    Kind of sad when activating a copy of photoshop costs you a cfm customer.

  2. Dave Avatar

    Shame the coldfusion builder survey wasn’t written in coldfusion!

  3. Matt Avatar

    I currently use DW CS4 at work, I presented this product to my boss and I couldn’t give him a good reason why CF Builder would be better than DW other than it focus’s primarily on CF and it would probably be more up to-date with tags and things. So, I’m all for trying this product out since we mainly code in CF and some JQuery, but my question is… "Why CF Builder? What’s so special about it that DW doesn’t already basically cover with more features?"

  4. Steve Avatar

    So far, ColdFusion Builder has caused plenty of pain and aggravation and is vastly inferior to DreamWeaver, especially as far as Project and File management. I can find no way to add existing CFM files to a project, nor can I easily change project parameters. When I attempted to remove a project, it deleted the entire contents of my webroot, forcing me to reinstall ColdFusion 9 on my development notebook PC!

  5. Matt Avatar

    Ouch! Thanks for sharing your experience Steve. We don’t want things like that happening around here. I guess DreamWeaver will remain our primary developing tool for the time being. I was going to do the CF Builder trial version, but I don’t know now if I want to give it the time of day to learn how to use it and have things like that happening.

  6. Dave Avatar

    I am very familar with homesite and am using cold fusion builder. Does anyone know if CF builder has shortcuts like to center, bold Ex: Cntrl-Shift-C..also, in home site it had an edit tag where it would show you the options?

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