Lee Brimelow Shows Building iPhone Apps With Flash

At MAX 2009 we announced the ability to create native iPhone applications using Flash CS5. And now fellow Adobe Platform Evangelist Lee Brimelow has posted a superb video tutorial explaining how to do just this.

2 responses to “Lee Brimelow Shows Building iPhone Apps With Flash”

  1. Alirio Boquin Avatar
    Alirio Boquin

    Excellent, video training few weeks ago I saw Lee here in Costa Rica, Enrique Duvos were too. Was amazing presentation! It’s really good share this knowledge with more people.

  2. Chao Wang Avatar
    Chao Wang

    I saw that already. by the way, my idea just comes to my mind, Can we build the SFX file according to our requirement?
    As we know, ZIP/RAR is fine and SFX’s done in ASP.NET but how about CF?. Give me some idea.

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