Adobe Wave Now On Labs

Wave is an AIR based notification tool, one place to receive alerts and notifications from all sorts of apps and sites. Adobe Wave is now on Labs. You can also watch this video for a quick intro.

5 responses to “Adobe Wave Now On Labs”

  1. brian Avatar

    Lots of good php documentation for the API. Might we see <cfwave/>?

  2. Aaron Pack Avatar
    Aaron Pack

    "Adobe Wave"? Are you serious? Adobe couldn’t come up with a more original name for a tool that looks similar to Google Wave?

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Aaron, you do realize that we showed this, and used the name WAVE, at MAX 2008 last October, right?
    — Ben

  4. Wim Avatar

    Huh? Only docs in PHP? Why not in ColdFusion?
    Or better: a ColdFusion tag to do this. Adobe, come on!

  5. Aaron Pack Avatar
    Aaron Pack

    Oh, so you’re saying that Google stole "Wave" from you then. Well, alright then. 🙂

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