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Sorry for all of the comment spam many of you have been receiving. I am not sure why the parasites think that my site readers would be particularly interested in WOW Gold and Muslim Dating, but …
I was running a rather dated version of Ray Camden’s BlogCFC (my setup is a very modified version of Ray’s client code, so upgrades are rather complex), and was therefore not taking advantage of many of the newer features, including much improved comment spam blocking. But, I have now updated to the latest and greatest, so hopefully comment spam is a think of the past (I said “hopefully”!). Thanks for your patience.

3 responses to “Blog Updated”

  1. Clint Avatar

    Darn! I was thinking of investing in gold so I can make enough money to date a Muslim chick. Now what am I gonna do?
    Just checking out your upgrades 😉

  2. Eric Cobb Avatar
    Eric Cobb

    I have to say that I’m really impressed with the built in spam blocking BlogCFC offers. CFformProtect does a really good job by itself, but I went ahead and activated the Project Honeypot and Akismet filters too and my comment spam has dropped to zero.
    I didn’t realize how good of a job it was doing until I turned on logging and saw everything it was stopping. If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend using the Project Honeypot and Akismet filters.

  3. Clint Avatar

    BTW, the comments box for posting a comment goes off the page to the right for me in IE7. Didn’t try in another browser but it fixes if you drag the window wider, until you type again. It’s kind of annoying I can’t see what I’m typing off to the right.

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