Seattle's Virginia Mason Powered By ColdFusion

I discovered this one while in Seattle this week. Virginia Mason Medical Center is an award-winning, private, not-for-profit organization offering a network of primary and specialty care clinics throughout the Puget Sound region and a hospital in Seattle. And their website, including the staff portal, is all powered by ColdFusion 8.

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  1. Clint Avatar

    It appears from the source (right-click is disabled, menu-view-source) that they used SiteMaker 6.5 CMS and it was built by Medseek, Inc. There’s a lot of white space at the top of the source crying for a cfsilent tag, not that I’ve never been guilty of the same. There’s not much use of div tags except for the header, everything else is table layouts. Frankly I would rather layout page elements with div and use tables for table data layout and grids. I also spotted the use of tbody tags, whats with that. I do have to give them credit for using their SSL correctly, turning my browser (IE7) address bar green with SSL verification. Other than the home page, all other pages stretch with the browser window, not very consistant and it bugs me. The HOME link is way down in the footer, looking for it took a minute. But hey, the site is nice overall and I’m always glad to see CF used for company web sites.

  2. Thomas Case Avatar
    Thomas Case

    Thanks Ben for the write up.

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