It reads like a newspaper. Updates like a Web site.
And delivers like The New York Times. The new Times Reader 2.0 delivers the entire day’s Times (including an interactive version of the crossword) in seconds, so you can carry it wherever you go. And it’s all powered by Adobe AIR. We first sneaked this app at MAX 2008 in San Francisco, and now it’s available for you to download. Oh, it’s worth noting that Microsoft built the initial WPF based version of the Times Reader application for the Times three years ago, but that version is no longer available for download.

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  1. Pretty cool. I wonder if this will save the newspapers and magazines as more and more people get their info from the web?
    And take a look at the news story about the new MiFi device that allows you to carry your own WiFi "cloud" around with you in your pocket. A cordless wireless wifi pocket router with a 30 ft range for up to 5 connections with 3G speed. Using this with a reader or laptop you can get your paper anywhere anytime.
    "Microsoft .. WPF based version .. no longer available for download." LOL

  2. I’ve never used V1 of this app, or used AIR app, so might be i’m missing something.
    The fonts look horrible. I can barely read what the text at smaller sizes and headlines have odd form of anti-aliasing.
    Why can I only resize from bottom right? It it air thing?
    They tried to make this app too much mac like even on windows.
    Mousewheel scrolling sucks, it just keeps jumping up or down when i scroll down.

  3. Hi Ben – any insight/inside information on the switch to AIR from WPF? I only ask because Microsoft vs <All other vendor technologies> comes up frequently in technology conversations I have with colleagues, peers, etc

  4. @Andrew – You need another monitor or something. I have a 23" widescreen Hannspree at 1920×1080, the fonts are crystal clear and easy to read. The weird scrolling you reported is a pageing function and it’s supposed to do that, notice that a generous

  5. It looks like a fantastic app and a perfect fit for AIR, but sorry NY Times I’m still not going to pay for my news.

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