$100,000 In Prizes For Flash Lite Developers

The Flash Lite Developer Challenge is the leading competition for developers working with Flash Lite. The competition challenges three groups of developers: 1. those currently working with Flash Lite, 2. Flash developers interested in developing applications for mobile devices, 3. mobile application developers interested in using Flash Lite. If you belong to one of these groups and you are a company or an individual, a professional or a researcher, you can enter the competition in one of the five categories, get access to great tools from Adobe and stand a chance of winning one of the great cash prizes and promotional packages from the sponsors (including Adobe). The competition is open to developers worldwide (with just a few exceptions, see the rules). The deadline for entries is May 31st, 2009, and winners will be announced June 17th, 2009.

2 responses to “$100,000 In Prizes For Flash Lite Developers”

  1. Precia Avatar

    …cough ….cough…..AIR Mobile? 1Q or 2Q 2010?

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Need something for that cough? 😉
    We have said publicly that we intend to make it possible to deliver AIR apps for devices, but we have yet to publicly discuss dates or details. Sorry!
    — Ben

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