AIR Based Now Boarding Is An Addictive And Fun Game

Now Boarding is an AIR based airline simulation game. You get to buy planes and destinations, build your terminal, ensure that your passengers are happy, and (hopefully) build an airline that is profitable. This is a really great sim, and the fact that it is AIR based just makes it better. But be warned, it’s addictive and quite the time-waster (not that I’d know from personal experience, of course).

3 responses to “AIR Based Now Boarding Is An Addictive And Fun Game”

  1. Jensa Avatar

    Whoops… lost 1,5 hrs there. Good find though. High production quality, though a little tedious at times? Worth the money 🙂

  2. Fernis Avatar

    Damnit, Ben! I’ve *got* to buy that now. Great fun. 🙂

  3. Roswell Real Estate Avatar
    Roswell Real Estate

    Is this like a flight sim? Do you need any extra hardware to play it?

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