2009 Is Going To Be Fun …

Terry Ryan’s post yesterday got me thinking. 2009 does indeed look like it’ll be a lot of fun. We’ve already started talking about Centaur (aka ColdFusion 9), Bolt (the CF IDE), Gumbo (aka Flex Builder 4), Catalyst (aka Thermo), and there’s more we’ve not discussed yet. Humm, I think it’s time to start scheduling a massive usergroup tour. 😉
So, Happy New Year to all. And get your rest, you’re going to need it!

9 responses to “2009 Is Going To Be Fun …”

  1. Peter Tilbrook Avatar
    Peter Tilbrook

    Happy New Year, Ben!

  2. tony of the weeg clan Avatar
    tony of the weeg clan

    a WALKING adrock 🙂 that would be cool

  3. Brad Wood Avatar
    Brad Wood

    User group tour? Now you’re talking my language! You’re not allowed to do a tour unless you hit Kansas City. Promise me Ben… 🙂

  4. Mikkel Johansen Avatar
    Mikkel Johansen

    Tour: What about Denmark ?

  5. Big Mad Kev Avatar
    Big Mad Kev

    Happy New Year to you too.
    @ Mikkel
    If you want to ping me using my contact me page, I would be interested in the Number of CF Developers in Denmark 😉

  6. Steve 'Cutter' Blades Avatar
    Steve ‘Cutter’ Blades

    User Group Tour? Hey Ben, you’re always welcome in Nashville;)

  7. Sid Wing Avatar
    Sid Wing

    Happy New Year, Ben! Huntsville, AL will be on the lookout for you!

  8. Alirio Boquin A Avatar
    Alirio Boquin A

    Happy New Year!
    Yeah Ben, this year amazing Year !!!

  9. Pete Freitag Avatar
    Pete Freitag

    Hi Ben, Happy New Year!
    By the way its been a few years since you visited the Syracuse, NY CFUG: we would love to have you again!

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