Microsoft Using Flash Within Silverlight App?

Is Microsoft using Flash embedded in their Silverlight Windows ads? Fellow evangelist Raghu seems to have found evidence that makes his post a most intriguing read.

2 responses to “Microsoft Using Flash Within Silverlight App?”

  1. Phil Chung Avatar
    Phil Chung

    Unfortunately, as Raghu discovered, this isn’t a case of Silverlight being able to display Flash content…it has to do with a workaround for getting copying to clipboard working from Silverlight. Having done a good amount of Silverlight work myself, there is a security restriction that prevents Silverlight from copying to the clipboard in Mozilla. The most commonly known workaround is to pass the data to a swf that actually does the copy to clipboard. Ironic isn’t it 😉

  2. Neil Middleton Avatar
    Neil Middleton

    As Phil says, this is nothing to do with Video but Mozilla.
    Aside from this, if you want to embed flash video inside silverlight – you can 😉
    Please remember that Silverlight is still a beta product.

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