ColdFusion Positions In IN, GA, OH, And CA

Four ColdFusion positions to post this week:

  • Indiana University (Bloomington, IN) is looking for a ColdFusion developer. Requirements include bachelor’s degree in computer science (or closely related field) and three years programming experience, as well as demonstrable database experience. Experience with ASP, .NET, C/C++, Java, XML, JavaScript and revision control systems a plus. Details posted online.
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta (Atlanta, GA) is looking for a senior ColdFusion developer. Requirements include 3+ years of ColdFusion experience, 2+ years of Java experience, and 1+ year of Flex experience. BA/BS degree and ColdFusion and Java certifications preferred. Contact Brian Smith.
  • Ohio State University (Columbus, OH) is looking for a web application developer (with experience using ColdFusion, PHP, ASP, or .NET) and dynamic multimedia development methodologies (Flex, Flash, ActionScript, or Ajax). Requirements also include relational SQL database design skills. Details posted online.
  • Altus Learning Systems (Los Gatos, CA) is looking for a ColdFusion developer to immediately fill a position. Contact Ted Cocheu, CEO, at Altus.

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  1. Ray Buechler Avatar
    Ray Buechler

    The IU position is in Bloomington not Indianapolis. 🙂

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Updated, thanks.
    — Ben

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