In D.C., Getting Ready For CFUnited

I am in hiding in my hotel room here in Washington, D.C., working on tomorrow’s CFUnited opening keynote. If you’re attending, don’t be late. We have a couple of really important and exciting announcements to make, and some really cool demos too (assuming we can actually get them working by then). And shortly, with any luck, I’ll head down to the bar to look for familiar faces.

3 responses to “In D.C., Getting Ready For CFUnited”

  1. J.J. Merrick Avatar
    J.J. Merrick

    Can’t wait… I went down there and checked in early so I can get a good seat tomorrow morning!

  2. Sid Wing Avatar
    Sid Wing

    Ben – Great keynote – really love the direction that CF and CFML are taking!

  3. Ed Avatar

    I have installed the CF 8.0.1 update to my server running win 2003 64-bit. I’m still receiving the Stack Overflow Error. I tried to increase the stack size but when I go over the max limit for the old 32 bit version (1400m), CF will not start. How do I solve the problem?

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