Four New Platform Evangelists, Four New Blogs

We recently welcomed four new members to the Adobe Platform Evangelism team, all based out of our Romania office, and all concentrating on evangelism in Europe (and Eastern Europe specifically). The new team members, with links to their blogs, are:

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  1. John Dowdell Avatar
    John Dowdell

    Big welcome. But I notice none of their main blog pages or individual archive pages yet disclose their employment. Could you pass the word to them that things change once they become a staffer?
    (Why does it matter? To deter charges of astroturfing, like this: )
    tx, jd/adobe

  2. Tom Ortega Avatar
    Tom Ortega

    Having hung with some of these peeps at 360|Flex Europe, I can say they’re a good bunch. Eastern Europe will be nicely taken care of!
    Go, Mihai!

  3. Mihai Corlan Avatar
    Mihai Corlan

    @Tom Ortega
    Thanks Tom! I guess we will se again next year at 360|Flex Europe 🙂

  4. Ed Avatar

    Felicitari baietilor! 🙂

  5. barry.b Avatar

    …. um … why Romainia?

  6. Tom Ortega Avatar
    Tom Ortega

    @Barry.b You’ve obviously never partied with the Romanians! 🙂

  7. Hugo Sombreireiro Avatar
    Hugo Sombreireiro

    Great for Romania and Eastern Europe…. too bad the Iberian Peninsula is still in the desert regarding this issue… specially on ColdFusion

  8. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Barry, Romania is a great base for Eastern European operations because Adobe has a large office there, all needed supporting facilities and infrastructure, and more. And that’s just the base of operations, and just the start. We plan on adding lots more evangelists to the region in other countries too. Stay tuned.
    Tom, yep, their reputation is richly deserved! 😉
    — Ben

  9. Charlie Avatar

    and no one is on ColdFusion?

  10. Chris Avatar

    something being planned about evangelists for Western Europe?

  11. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Chris, we already have three based in Western Europe (Enrique Duvos, Andrew Shorten, and Serge Jespers). And all 7 actually have responsibilities throughout Europe. And we’ll be adding more individuals to the team, too.
    — Ben

  12. Enrique Duvos Avatar
    Enrique Duvos

    Hi Hugo….
    I am based in Barcelona, so that counts as both Iberian Peninsula and Western Europe 🙂
    Regarding CF knowledge in Europe, Claude Englebert recently joined Adobe as well. Based in Belgium , Claude has tremendous CF experience and it’s a great addition for us on this side of the ocean.
    If you need to reach out to him for any CF related activity feel free, or connect with me.

  13. funkyboy Avatar

    How do you become an Adobe platform evangelist?

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