Cricket Nirvana Releases AIR Cricket Desktop

I know that most Americans would not rank cricket as one of their favorite sports. Heck, I think most Americans are not quite sure what cricket is, other than it being loosely related to baseball (make that very loosely) and that it uses funny shaped bats. But outside of the U.S. cricket is a very popular sport, and in India cricket is more popular than any other sport. Nimbus Sports has media operations in over 60 countries, and runs the Neo Sports TV channel with millions of viewers in India. To make following cricket more interactive and personal, Adobe India partnered with Nimbus Sports to create Cricket Center, an AIR powered desktop app that allows cricket lovers to watch obtain match details, access live scorecards, obtain player stats, and more.

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  1. Alagukannan Alagppan Avatar
    Alagukannan Alagppan

    It wud be gr8 if they could port Stickcricket game to AIR app. I cud play it off line rather than needing to stay online to play it..

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