Resurrecting MXNA, And What Comes Next

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  1. Rich Avatar

    Hey Ben – it’s actually not all that explanatory. It’s clear that Mike and others have and continue to put a lot of time into this resource. But one still wonders why this core service to the community isn’t more actively supported by Adobe. Thorough, responsive, accessible, multi-lingual, robust, available, interactive, documentation and blog aggregation are the backbone of your development community. If you ask me, I’d recommend putting Developers Week and the Developer Center all on hold until these two fundamental anchors get done properly. Don’t make the community hack its own live docs and coldfusionbloggers etc., etc. It’s all just more noise when whats important is the content they relay. Personally I think Adobe itself should be playing this role. How great would it be to have confidence in ONE source for live docs and ONE feed for all CF blogs? Currently I have fullasagoog, feedsquirrel, coldfusionbloggers, etc – all of which are 95% identical. OK but definitely kudos to Mike – just think it should all be taken more seriously. thanks

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Rich, you misread my post, I said the subject of his post was self-explanatory. 😉
    But, having said that, I agree. MXNA was never an official Macromedia or Adobe project, it was always something built by a couple of guys on the side, and the result shows. I am not putting down what Christian and Mike have done, not at all, I am impressed that their experiment kept going for 5 years or so. But the scope has gotten too big, and the need is far more significant, and you are right – it needs to be an official Adobe project and supported as such. And that is what is happening now, both making some simple fixes to get it back up, and to build something better and more scalable and more capable.
    — Ben

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