ColdFusion Wins Jolt For Best Web Development

Dr. Dobb’s has announced the winners of the 18th annual Jolt Product Excellence and Productivity Awards, and ColdFusion 8 won in the Web Development category! Yeah! Other Adobe winners are Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite (Productivity Winner in Enterprise Tools category), Adobe Device Central CS3 (Productivity Winner in Mobile Development Tools category), and Adobe Captivate 3 (Productivity Winner in Utilities category).

3 responses to “ColdFusion Wins Jolt For Best Web Development”

  1. Joe Rinehart Avatar
    Joe Rinehart

    Absolutely and positively about-frickin’-time. It’s great to see CF8 getting seen for what it is: a spectacular productivity tool!

  2. Chris Peters Avatar
    Chris Peters

    I was rooting for Quest Foglight too, but it’s great that 50% of my picks won. Congrats to the CF team!

  3. Peter Tilbrook Avatar
    Peter Tilbrook

    That is a great result for Adobe! CF8 certainly deserves it and good to see other, some might say obscure, Adobe products getting a look in. Really looking for the 8.01 updater too.
    PS – some links (liek Blog) do not appear on your home page.

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