ColdFusion Helps NTIA Digital TV Conversion

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  1. Troy Allen Avatar
    Troy Allen

    Always nice to see CF being put to use in higher-profile projects. Although in this case I can’t say I am thrilled about the actual government program it is supporting. Why does GovCo need to spend $1.5 BILLION of our tax dollars to help people watch TV? The TV industry should be motivated enough to pay for the coupons…otherwise they will lose eyeballs for their advertising.
    Sorry for the OT rant…I just needed to vent to someone. Thanks, Dr. Ben.

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Troy, oh, I agree big time. I think the whole thing is outrageous. TV is not a must-have, something we can’t live without. But, that was not the point of this post, so I left that part out. If the government is, once again, going to waste taxpayer money, well, at least they are using ColdFusion to help do so. 😉
    — Ben

  3. Maurice Avatar

    I found an excellent site; it had all the info about the Digital Transition and requesting the $40 coupon. I ordered my 2 coupons from it.

  4. Product Blog Avatar
    Product Blog

    Thanks for helping clear up the <a href="">product blog</a> confusion regarding the transition to Digital TV. I have more than 6 analog TVs. It looks like I will have to purchase 6 converter boxes… otherwise my community landfill will receive a truck load of old TVs.

  5. Jack Avatar

    Well the deadline has been shifted from Feb 17th to June 12th so that gives people more time and thankfully the backlog in issuing government coupons has been handled. Coupons are available again and are being delivered much faster. There’s a 90 day expiry date from the day they’ve been mailed so those who are applying need to get to it pronto!

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