Oh, I Need This Lego

I’ve admitted this before, I am a big Lego fan (for the kids, of course!). I just saw this Eiffel Tower in the latest catalog. 3428 pieces, almost 4′ in height, built to scale from the real tower’s original blueprints … I so need (yes, need) this one!

6 responses to “Oh, I Need This Lego”

  1. Petunia Avatar

    Yeah I’m sure you need this for the kids right-lol!

  2. Mark Drew Avatar
    Mark Drew

    I guess we have to get this one for Ray Camden

  3. savvas malamas Avatar
    savvas malamas

    I love Lego too..
    I believe there is a connection between these bricks and OOP..

  4. barry.b Avatar

    And to think, the French originally planned to dismantle it after the world’s fair in 1889… it’d be like George Lucas only doing a _play_ of "Star Wars" and there never being Lego Millennium Falcons or cute little Lego Darth Vaders…

  5. Jim Priest Avatar
    Jim Priest

    Ray needs the Millenium Falcon – he can then use that to blow up Ben’s Eiffel Tower.. 🙂
    5195 pieces!!!!!!

  6. tof Avatar

    We just finished this one at work:
    I find that that playing Lego for 10 minutes is a great way to take a break.

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