ColdFusion XMPP Support Updated

ColdFusion 7 and 8 includes an XMPP gateway, used for IM communication (to Jabber, Google Talk, and more). An update to the XMPP gateway is now available (for both ColdFusion 7 and 8), as explained in TechNote: Replacement file for XMPP Gateway.

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  1. Kai Tischler Avatar
    Kai Tischler

    Hello Ben !
    I take Your post as a stimulation for asking the following questions:
    First a concrete one:
    – How do I know which XMPP servers are supported by the ColdFusion 8 XMPP event gateway ?
    In the TechNote I can read that "Ignite Openfire" is now supported. I would like to know
    if Coversant’s "SoapBox Platform" is supported, too.
    Now a general question with regard to XMPP event gateways:
    – I am currently considering mechanisms which can be used for realtime data exchange
    between a browser client and a ColdFusion 8 server
    – I know that I can use the integrated "LiveCycle Data Services ES" for that – using the
    "Data Services Messaging Event Gateway" for pure messaging and the "Data Management
    Event Gateway" for data management/synchronization across different clients.
    – Could I use XMPP servers using the "XMPP event gateway" in lieu of LCDS ES using the
    "Data Services Messaging Event Gateway" ? I have just read that e.g. "Ignite Realtime"
    provides "XIFF" – an Open Source Flash library using the XMPP (Jabber) protocol; I
    suppose that could be the base for a potential browser based client of a XMPP server …
    – If the "XMPP event gateway" is usable for browser-server realtime messaging, how do the
    two approaches – "XMPP Messaging" versus "Data Services Messaging" – compare ?
    And just another general question which comes to mind speaking about event gateways – I
    have asked that before somewhere months ago but am not aware of any answers anymore:
    – How do event gateways scale ? I have read that XMPP servers can cater to hundreds of
    thousands of concurrent users. But can ColdFusion 8 event gateways handle such a great
    number of concurrent users ?
    I think these question are important if one really wants to leverage the power of today’s
    XMPP servers using ColdFusion 8’s event gateways.
    Best Regards

  2. Tom Jordahl Avatar
    Tom Jordahl

    Hi Kai,
    We support the XMPP protocol. The update was to correct some deficiencies in that support shown by trying to connect to the Openfire server. We do not explicitly support a list of XMPP servers. If we don’t work with a server, it is considered a bug.
    As far as using XMPP instead of Data Services, you might be able to so this but we (Adobe) think that the value of Data Services is real and worth buying as opposed to building your own.
    Can CF8 Event Gateway scale? YES. We can handle thousands of messages per second in the same way we can handle thousands of HTTP requests. You can configure the number of threads allocated to processing gateway events and of course machine config is always a factor, along with how busy the CF server is doing other things (processing HTTP requests for instance).
    If you had a CF8 server dedicated to processing XMPP gateway events, I have full confidence that we would scale pretty well.
    Hope that helps

    Tom Jordahl

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