ColdFusion Announces Bank Of America LaSalle Merger

My local bank, LaSalle Bank Midwest, has merged with Bank of America. As many of you know, BofA uses lots of public facing ColdFusion, so this was no surprise, but it’s still good to see – the official LaSalle Bank-Bank of America Merger page is powered by ColdFusion. Hey, if you need to get a page up in a hurry, would you seriously consider using anything else?

4 responses to “ColdFusion Announces Bank Of America LaSalle Merger”

  1. M@ Avatar

    I’d use html

  2. jwu Avatar

    why when i go to it redirect to is jsp better or cfm better? why?

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    BofA uses both CF and Java, and have for years. They were doing CF development using Java back-ends back in CF4 and CF5, before CF was even built on Java. Some pages are Java, some are CF, and some use both.
    — Ben

  4. KEVIN BENORE Avatar

    Yes, BoA is one of the examples I use against the ColdFusion haters out there.

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