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  1. "You mention that you have done anything in ASP, .NET, or ColdFusion"
    Ouch. Oh well, they’re not getting my resume.

  2. "We will automatically reject your application if:
    ** You are a consulting or staffing firm consisting of more than one person
    ** You send us anything in Word format
    ** You mention that you have done anything in ASP, .NET, or ColdFusion
    ** Your work consists entirely of Flash"
    If they’re looking for a "Creative Genius", then why would any of the above be a deal breaker? Sounds a little warped to me….

  3. The fact that they cite the Daily Kos as a ‘press’ source automatically tells me who and what they are. Not any place I’d be working even if I fulfilled their ‘requirements’.

  4. hahaha, oh wow… well, they have their priorities very clear.
    "Before the cock crow thou shalt deny me thrice. So thou can work in Hawai" The Coldfusion Book

  5. … and who the hell cares if you’ve ever heard of someone they consider important?
    Hey! I’ve heard of Ben Forta, Ray Camden, John Resig, Steve Wozniak, Jeramey Allaire, Douglass Crockford, King Kong and Jabba the Hut! I *MUST* be qualified!
    … pathetic

  6. I actually thought it was pretty funny. Especially since my ColdFusion developer friends and I do the exact same thing TIMES 50 to all of our PHP developer friends as a joke.
    We’ve made t-shirts, video taped races to see how long it takes to code the same functionality side-by-side with PHP (ColdFusion is undefeated with an average victory differential of 22 minutes per hour!), made up some dirty jokes, and ESPECIALLY turned down freelance offer after freelance offer with the "Oh, I wouldn’t touch Phfffpt (phoenetic pronunciation of PHP) with a 10 foot mouse" catchphrase we’ve coined so prominently in Salt Lake City.
    It’s just a little developer humor. I didn’t think it was unprofessional at all. In fact, if I saw the reverse (where PHP was substituted for CF) it would actually make me WANT to apply for the job more. Because that’s exactly how I feel. I literally wouldn’t take a web development job if it wasn’t ColdFusion. Holla atcha boy.

  7. I can code in PHP, ASP, JSP, JavaScript, Flex/Air MXML, ActionScript, XML, C++, Java, AND CFML. I can create databases for MSSQL and MySQL using procedures, triggers, views, transactions, and caching. I know how to manage a project, gether requirements, and create UML documents. I can design in Photoshop, Fireworks, Paintshop, Illustrator, Freehand, Swift, 3D Max, Maya, Lightwave, and Blender. I can do streaming and real-time over a media server and even create my audio with Cubase, FL Studio, and Acid. I have developed several online businesses for myself and others and created a dozen applications for the government. I’ve done everything from logo designs to enterprise shopping carts and pay-per-chat with integrated click-to-call. I’ve even created my own telecomunications server for VOIP using Asterisk from scratch.
    But, I guess I’m not qualified.
    I think they don’t want CF developers because they are all OVER-QUALIFIED.

  8. Damn,
    This job sounds perfect for me except I’m a ASP .Net developer who loves Flash and ColdFusion. Well, I’m going to send in my resume anyway. Word format, naturally. Did I mention that I’m a consultant? It’s on the resume.doc

  9. Maybe it was an attempt at being funny? Guys, Rule #1, if you’re not funny, don’t try to be funny!
    Hey athe person who gets this job has to know what they’re getting – a close minded group of individuals who will tell you what to do, not ask you to use your ingenuity and intelligence.
    On the plus side….you’ll suffer all that in Hawaii 🙂

  10. Perhaps they have been burned by new hires coming in and saying "Oh, I could do this easier if we were using product ‘X’."
    But anyway, why would anyone want to work somewhere where they don’t use ColdFusion?

  11. If you look at the ad the top says ‘VentureSpeed’, if you google you get just tons of hits for job listings but no web site. If you go to venturespeed.com it has a coming soon and lists them as basically a headhunter/manpower type of service. It looks like they are trolling those job sites to get started and then create their own version of it haha.
    p.s. I dare someone to click some of those links above me. I’ll buy you a sixer someday. be a man (p.s. this probably won’t make sense once Ben deletes the post above me). 🙂

  12. Having researched multiple job listings from them on Dice and then having reviewed their "website" – I come to the realization that not only do they not have a "real" company – but that they cannot even SPELLCHECK their own website (ex. ".have your top level executives and technology teams DELIVED with the speed that a new venture needs").
    Close-minded "geniuses" need not to advertise.

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