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  1. AJAX does have its own category. As there <a href="http://www.nakliyatankara.com " title="ankara nakliyat">ankara nakliyat</a> are many AJAX frameworks (dojo, YUI, prototype, jQuery, Ext JS, etc). We simply <a href="http://www.uluslararasi-nakliyat.org " title="ankara nakliyat">ankara nakliyat</a> chose to include AJAX as a single choice. Perhaps a future poll can drill into individual AJAX framework preferences among developers.
    Note when editing MMDocumentTypes.xml – the first extension in <a href="http://www.lazerepilasyonn.org " title="lazer epilasyon">lazer epilasyon</a> the list seems to be the default DW uses when saving a new file of a particular type (so if you add a weird extension, you might <a href="http://www.estetik-merkezleri.com&quot; title="burun esteti?i">burun esteti?i</a> want to add it at the end of the list). Also note that file has separate extension lists for Windows and Mac.
    Hi all
    All I want a book that opens with the /apology/ "Actionscript 3.0 is kinda <a href="http://www.sacekimii.com " title="saç ekimi">saç ekimi</a> retarded. It’s in transition from being a light scripting language to a robust object-oriented <a href="http://www.lidarehberi.com " title="lida">lida</a> language, and 3.0 is a silly little in-between step that requires you to explicitly declare every variable, but doesn’t require terminating semi-colons on lines."
    Clickjacking has been fixed now already. People <a href="http://www.ankaraevdeneve.biz " title="ankara evden eve">ankara evden eve</a> using it for the old copy clipboard function (which Flash 10 broke) should <a href="http://www.nakliyatankara.com " title="evden eve nakliyat">evden eve nakliyat</a> look for other solutions. I saw a good example here:

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