A Great Day For Flight

I fly a lot and love flying, so I pay close attention to changes and announcements from the major aircraft manufacturers. I have a particularly close connections with Boeing – not just because they are loyal and long-time ColdFusion users, but also because I’ve taught training classes there, have visited them many times at many locations for many years, have been treated to production floor tours several times, and know lots of Boeing employees personally. I have flown just about every major aircraft in use, and my favorite planes without question are the 747 (there is something incredibly majestic and awe inspiring about it) and the 777 (the smoothest quietest long haul plane, so much so that I actually book some flight using routes that let me fly this incredible machine). And so it was with genuine excitement that I read and watched highlights of the big Boeing Dreamliner 787 premier yesterday (on 7/8/7). If you have not yet done so, check out those videos! I can’t wait to fly this baby, and am really pleased that Northwest (my local carrier) has announced that they’ll be the first US airline to fly the Dreamliner 787.
To the good people at Boeing, congratulations on this truly momentous accomplishment! (And if you need beta flyers, feel free to ping me!).

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  1. Bill Roberts Avatar
    Bill Roberts

    Thanks for the nice comments Ben. I’ve been in your class that you taught back in the CF 2.0 days in Huntington Beach, CA (with Chuck Boothroyd). Since then, Boeing has been blessed to have you appear many more times via UG meetings and other special presentations. Thanks for your support.

  2. Kyle Hayes Avatar
    Kyle Hayes

    Ben, thank you very much for your loyal dedication to our planes and for the very nice post you made.

  3. David Pienta Avatar
    David Pienta

    Ben – they are letting you "fly" these planes? 🙂

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