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  1. Ben,
    Any idea of how many Adobe developers did the conversion? Was it one developer who took a month, or was it a team of 10 that knocked it out in 3-4 days?
    I’m curious to know what resources Adobe dedicated and how many man-hours it actually took to do the conversion on a site of that magnitude.

  2. Just curious, it seems like some of Adobe is not dynamically generated or not generated by Coldfusion … ( not enough whitespace in source 7;-) ). Are other languages used? (JRun … php etc

  3. @Sana: yeah the MXNA folks didn’t have cycles to install and restart the server even, so that one Macromedia.com machine will stay CF7 for a while I expect.
    @GTFay: Yeah,various technologies are used on Adone.com, for sure. By far the predonimant t

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