Site Back Up

My sites were up and down for the past hour or so while I upgraded the servers to the latest and greatest version of Scorpio (the version that we plan to release as the public beta). Sorry for the inconvenience, we’re back up now.

2 responses to “Site Back Up”

  1. Sean Brooke Avatar
    Sean Brooke

    Glad to see your back Ben, u didnt miss alot, however i did stumble upon this,–iNSPIRE cool idea, worth looking into

  2. Stacey Roestel Avatar
    Stacey Roestel

    I noticed it for a short second too. Not a biggie. It’s probably that site went down because CF servers are tired–because CF is out the door…much like Cobol, Non-relational DBMS, cc:Mail, CNEs, and OS/2.
    and if you believe that….
    Can’t wait for 8.

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