Google Is A World Clock

I just needed to phone someone in Hong Kong, and could not remember the time difference. So, I typed “time in hong kong” in the Firefox Google search box (thinking I’d find a world time site somewhere), and Google reported “Current local time: 10:23 AM on Tuesday, March 13” as the first answer. Too cool, I love it when stuff just works!

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  1. Bernie Dolan Avatar
    Bernie Dolan
  2. Rob Brooks-Bilson Avatar
    Rob Brooks-Bilson

    If you own a Google Search Appliance, they have an API called OneBox that allows you to build applications that act against keywords in your search criteria. It’s pretty easy to build OneBox apps in CF, something we’re planning for our GSA this year.

  3. randy burton Avatar
    randy burton

    google search also does conversions
    returns: 1 US gallon = 768 US teaspoons
    Great for those quick cooking 1/2 and 2x/3x recipies

  4. John Dowdell Avatar
    John Dowdell

    Thanks for the tip, Ben. Two related services:
    (1) Google does currency calculations… try search term "1500 yuan in dollars", eg.
    (2) is great for future times, for comparisons of time across regions.

  5. Rob Brooks-Bilson Avatar
    Rob Brooks-Bilson

    You can also get local weather by typing: "weather" 85048 or "weather phoenix"
    You can do multiple site flight searches by inputing your origin/destination locations: "phx to sjc"
    There are new OneBox searches being added all the time (try entering "U2" or "Van Halen" for the Music OneBox")

  6. DK Avatar

    you can also get a google view of a band’s discography
    <band name> discography

  7. Jeff Fall Avatar
    Jeff Fall

    You can also go directly to tracking for FedEx, UPS, etc by just entering the tracking number in google. It will direct you to the tracking information for your package without you telling it what shipping service.

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