TiVo Investor Relations Pages Powered By ColdFusion

Troy Pullis noted that TiVo Investor Relations page is powered by ColdFusion. Actually, it looks like TiVo (like many other companies) uses to publish investor information, and is powered by ColdFusion MX7. Still, good to see .cfm pages on the TiVo site, thanks Troy!

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  1. Alexander Tsoukias Avatar
    Alexander Tsoukias

    Ben, this is a major bank in New York, New Jersey and some other states around… powered by coldfusion. Its my bank too and I always forget to let you know. So here it is:

  2. Michael Khait Avatar
    Michael Khait

    Since we are on the investor’s sites. <a href="">eBay's investor</a> site is also powered by Cold Fusion

  3. Eric Roberts Avatar
    Eric Roberts

    On a related note,, a site that sells software to modify Tivo units (legally of course) as well as already modified Tivo units…allowing you to remotely manage your Tivo box, is powered by CF7. If you are a Tivo person, I would check them out.

  4. Troy Pullis Avatar
    Troy Pullis

    I learned today that Netflix powers their IR site with CF too.

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