ColdFusion Helps Joe Track His Goals

Joe’s Goals is an online application used to track goals, and sister site Joe’s Logbook does the same for journaling thoughts. Both sites leverage Ajax UI and have been covered extensively by the press. And of course, they are powered by ColdFusion. Thanks to Rey Bango for sending these to me (quite a while back actually, I am trying to clean out my inbox and was reminded of them).

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  2. Ian Avatar

    Thanks for the link! Just wanted to give people a heads up I’ll be doing a talk at the ColdFusion User Group here in Seattle on Feb 1st. I’ll be showing off the Yahoo User Interface and how I use it with Joe’s Goals.

  3. David O Malley Avatar
    David O Malley

    Ben, this is a great site – I use it all the time.
    Ian (aka Joe) did a presentation on the site for my user group ( a while back, where he explained the site, and some of the magic behind it.
    The link is
    WARNING: It was both of our first times using Breeze, I recommend maximizing the presenters screen (clinking the "scroll" button) to get a more detailed view.

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