Major Windows Smartphone Limitation

I did not realize this until I needed it today, but … ActiveSync syncs Outlook features, right? Calendar? Yes. Contacts? Yes. Tasks? Yes. E-Mail? Yes. Notes? Nope! Outlook notes are synchronized if you have a Windows Mobile device, but not if you have a Windows Smartphone device! I can’t think of any rational reason for this limitation, and I was about to pack up my Samsung BlackJack to return it. Fortunately, I found SmartphoneNotes which does the trick.

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  1. O?uz Demirkap? Avatar
    O?uz Demirkap?

    Strange and bad.
    I have a HTC Wizard (Cingular 8125) which has Windows Mobile with all these features. I always thought as Samsung has also Windows Mobile 5 but it is written as " Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone".
    And here is the difference:
    "If your device has a stylus and you can write on the screen, it is a Pocket PC phone. Otherwise, it is a smartphone. Also, on Pocket PC phones, the Windows flag logo appears on the top left of the screen. On smartphones, the Windows flag logo appears on the bottom left."
    Hmmm …

  2. johnb Avatar

    if you sync directly to an Exchange server from a Windows Mobile device then you can’t sync notes either – it only seems to be from a physcial activesync connection does it sync….now that’s a pain!!!

  3. Jacob Munson Avatar
    Jacob Munson

    I too have a new Smartphone. One big annoyance is that Outlook event reminders cannot be separated from the reminders on your PC. I use event reminders a LOT, to keep me on track, and most of them fire when I’m sitting at my desk. Of course, I’ve also got my phone right there with me, so I now get 2 event reminders for each event. If I turn off the reminder on my phone, it also turns it off on my PC. Very annoying, but admittedly I haven’t yet looked for a way around this.

  4. Jake Avatar

    I haven’t played with it, but FYI – on the Blackjack install CD, there’s an application for syncing notes. I don’t know much about it, as I didn’t try it, but check it out.

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