Checking In From Paris

Hello from Paris, where I have a short 2 hour stopover here on the way to Bangalore, India.
I am flying Air France, an airline I have not flown in a long time, so this may be old news to some, but it was a first for me, and had to share. The plane was equipped with personal screens in the back of each seat, and while at the gate, while manouvering through the airport, and throughout takeoff, the screens displayed the view as seen from the cockpit window. Seeing the runway, the plane in front of us, the white lines on the runway moving faster and faster towards us, coupled with the side window peripheral views … all made for a really cool flying experiance, a view most of us usually never get to see. Throughout the flight the screen could be switched to view what was directly beneath us, but that takeoff experiance was something special. Too cool!

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  1. Rahul Narula Avatar
    Rahul Narula

    Hi Ben
    We also travelled on Air France this time on our way to CFUNITED & it was a very good experience in-flight. Have already conveyed my desire to travel on Air France for my furture travel.
    I feel the seat are also more comfortable than some of the other airlines like lufthansa, united & others.
    Have a good journey. see you in Bangalore

  2. Anthony Avatar

    Sounds cool… I guess I’ll see when I fly to Paris tomorrow!

  3. tof Avatar

    Hey Ben,
    I’m french (living in OZ), and recently had a look on google to see how big the french CF community was. Apparently, it’s innexistant. there was one french CF website, and the level of complexity of the code posted there was not really high. Am I missing something, or is there really no french CF community? I thought you would know

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    You may be correct. I used to regularly visit customers and partners in France, back in Allaire days, but very few in Macromedia days. They are countries in Europe where ColdFusion is heavily used, my gut feel is that France is not one of them.
    — Ben

  5. tof Avatar

    I’m actually from the north-east of france, right next to Benelux (Belgium/Netherland/Luxembourg… and Germany), and I’m pretty sure that although it’s a tiny country, Luxembourg is one of them. I remembember that in my uni days, some 5 years ago or so, I heard a few times recruiter talking about coldfusion (which sounded like this unknown weird language at the time), and every single one of them was working down there.
    By the way, if you get to go to that corner of the world, do visit Metz in France, Amsterdam which I’m sure you have already, and treat yourself with the best beer and mussels you can dream of in Brussels 😉

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