I have updated my blog to use Ray’s latest and greatest. The upgrade was not as simple as I’d have hoped, I ran into a data migration issue caused by database table changes, and I had to make lots of tweaks to the actual UI (as I don’t use Ray’s default UI, I want the blog to look and feel like the rest of my site) and apparently broke stuff along the way. 🙁 Thankfully the blog is no longer sending error messages to my inbox. But if you do notice anything misbehaving, please let me know. Thanks!

7 thoughts

  1. Not too sure if this is right or not, but if you click the comments link from the homepage you get the "post comment" pop-up. I would have expected to see the comments themselves with a "post comment" link on that.

  2. Neil is right – the normal behavior is for a click on Comments on the front end to send you to the detail page, scrolled down to where the comments start. You should only get the pop up on the detail page itself.

  3. Well the link on the main page seems to be fixed but now the links under the post and your comment text are all appearing in a very small font.

  4. I will probably upgrade soon, but not looking forward to it after what you had to go through. I would concur with everyone else, the fonts are all out of whack. But that hopefully will be much easier to deal with.

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